Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Contest....

This candle is called "Livingroom Dome Accent" and is by Aspen Bay. The votive in the center is replaceable with any votive and different scents. A $22.95 value!! The lucky winner will win this candle!!
Here are the rules.

You must take a patriotic animal picture in honor of July 4th! It can be any animal, reptile, bird...etc. (no fair googling an already public photo).

You will need to email photos to me at:

I will post them on my blog. Now we didn't have many participants in the last contest and I never even got the email addresses to send the credits to! So, you know, I will need your address to mail the candle!

If you can't find a pet, be creative and I will let my panel of judges decide on the winner. The judges are my husband, my brother Matt-speak (if he doesn't enter his pet's in the contest), My brother David, my brother Mark, tashabud, and my step mom.



redchair said...

Hi Jules,
Okay. You’ve got it. Just get that candle packed up and ready to send to California. Be sure and use a lot of bubble wrap. I don’t want any smashed up candle when I get it!

Jules said...

You're on Vikki! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jean9 said...

I like your new patriotic look Jules. Have a nice sunday.

Anonymous said...

I had a goat once..who proceeded to climb on the roof of my father in laws Caddilac which had a vynl roof..seeing the Caddy had less than 500 miles on it..he was quite perturbed..He's an ex Father in law now but the goat wasn't the cause..at least I don't think so...:))))

Jules said...

Confused~ I love the story! bahahha I bet the goat WAS the cause of being an ex-fnl...ha.
People are down right freaky about their new cars!!!