Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our place.

Our livingroom. I painted the far wall in a chocolate brown and sponged on some lighter orangey brown to make a leather look. It turned out cute.

Our breakfast area. This was from a family get-together!

View from my back portch of the pond.

View of the back of our house.

My stove. I am proud of the way it turned out. I completely designed every detail. I did the finish on the walls, forced my builder (brother) to build the fireplace surround like area around the stove, picked out the each tile backsplash to form the lovely understated design which mimics the beadboard on our Island. Yes I am bragging but I truly love my kitchen!



Farm Chick Paula said...

Your place is gorgeous...*sigh*... are you accepting reservations for overnighters? LOL You may have some items missing if I stay for a night.
(I'll be takin' that white rooster on your stove.... LOL
Looks like a fire hazard and we can't have fire hazards.)

redchair said...

Hi Jules,
This is absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job with your design and color selection. The wall textures are beautiful. It’s so warm and inviting yet really elegant. I really love the stove. I’ve never seen anything like that before. What a great idea. And the mantle incorporates the stove vent. That is so cool!

Questions: The stone tile in the living area-Is that slate? (I SO want to do that to my home. I am developing a great hatred of carpets)
And ‘your island’? Where the heck do you live rich girl? And -Would you adopt me? I'm a hard worker and I promise to only burn my bra once a year!

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

What a nice home you have! Thanks for sharing your pictures. You did a great job on that chocolate living room wall!

Jules said...

Paula~ You are too sweet. C'mon anytime. We are accepting reservations! I will have to chain the rooster to the stove! hehehehe

Vikki~ Thank you so much. I take that as a huge compliment coming from the artist'! (ar-teest) heheh
The island I referred to is the kitchen island (not one in the Bahamas) bahhahahahah

Karen~ Thanks for the compliments girl! From what I have seen of your pix , you have a wonderful lovely home as well!!

Anonymous said...

you deserve to brag a bit - your home is beautiful and you did such a great job picking everything out. I've dabbled in sponge painting techniques too and am pretty pleased with my results. I love home diy! If I can get my animals to cooperate, I'll enter a pic in your contest.

Jules said...

PS... Vikki~
Yes that is slate. We put slate all through out our house. Being in the country, I didn't want carpet. I agree with you. Carpet is too much a allergy hazard as well.

Jean9 said...

Your house looks so very nice, great job. Thank you for stopping by and voting for me every day I really appreciate it...Its not a contest its a traffic building site for my jewelry website and the contest is in my head I want to get to # 1 spot, but I have a long way to go. I thought that with entrecard I would get help and I am!

Anonymous said...

Julie I love the way you rearranged your living room! It really makes the floor stand out so much more!

I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to write any posts! :((( I need to get after it. I think I will start with adding a few pictures. That will be easy for me. :))

Jules said...

Jean9~ My pleasure.. I vote for you under both my log ons.

Christi! hey girl...long time no see! Do post some pix! Ez and breazy! hehehehehe

Thank you both!!!!

penny said...

Very nice! I love to decorate. Your home is beautiful!!!

tashabud said...

You have such a beautiful home. It looks very homey and inviting. I'm impressed with your work.

Jules said...

Thank you Penny and Tasha! We waited a lonnnnng time to build our dream home. It was worth it.

No replacement for country living!

Lynne said...

What a beautiful home! I love all of it, including all the wall colors. Very nicely done. :-D

Jules said...

Thank you Lynne... :o)

Vixen said...

Your place is really beautiful. You did such a fantastic job designing that kitchen!

Slate is perfect for the country and if you have pets (I have several dogs and I hate vacuuming the carpets). Well maybe someday I will have my own place and I will call you to help me decorate!

Jules said...

Thank you so much hon!
I would love to help you decorate,,,heheheh. It's my very favorite past time...