Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brother Mark

This is my brother Mark. He is one year older than me. He is now living with us. He reluctantly separated from his mate and misses his son Jacob(picture below, what a doll) terribly. A better soul you will never meet. You can see from looking at him he is quite the character. Standing at a whopping 6'8" tall and weighing a total of 148 lbs. He has the metabolism of a race horse. Always has. He wakes up with a smile on his face and loads of hutspa! He is ready to tackle the day. He runs several framing crews for our other sib Sean.

Most would think that taking on a family member would be an arduous task. Quite the contrary. He want's so badly to please everybody. He has been helping Bobby with drilling the new geo-thermal system we are trying to install. He helps me clean the house from top to bottom every weekend. He accompanies me on Sunday grocery shopping (and has already helped curtail the bill by assisting with coupon clipping, something I never tried before), he is going to build an add on room to the shop for Bobby to use as an office and workout room.

When we built our house, we built the shop first. Bobby wanted to do a lot of the work himself. We built an "apt" in the shop where we lived 6 mos while the house was being built. Mark is now living there. We have an extra room with private bath in our house but he insist on leaving us our privacy.

My heart breaks for him because he LOVES he son so much. He is trying to get joint custody and fears his ex will take him back to the Philippines where she is from.
She refuses to let him see Jacob. We are working on getting that resolved.

I simply felt the urge to share with you guys my reMARKable brother. I am blessed to have him with me. This guy is so hilarious and not a shy bone in his body. I guess from being so thin and a nose that looks like it's been broken all his life, he developed quite the sense of humor. He keeps Bobby and I in stitches.
I sure love him.



Jules said...

For some reason my dadgum pix aren't showing up on my post! !@@#$#$

SoccerMom said...

They are not showing up for me either??
Your BIL sounds like a remarkable person and I hope that everything works out for him.

Anonymous said...

I second everything you said about Mark! He is another "jewel" in the family; one of a kind and very special. I really hope he is able to get visitation/custody of little Jacob very soon.

Jean9 said...

I hope everything works out for Mark and his son, what a shame that kids are put in middle and used against one parent. I am so glad that you liked the jewelry! *big smiles*

tashabud said...

Jules, this is such a heart-wrenching story about your brother, his son, and his wife. The boy is so adorable. I hope that the lady is a good hearted person and not a vindictive kind. I hate for her to take the boy all the way to the Philippines. Does the lady have family members here? I'll pray that she will be good to your brother. God bless all of you.

Jules said...

Thanks Tasha,
She has gone back to her ex who brought her over here 20 yrs ago.

tashabud said...

I hope your brother and the woman can come to an amicable agreement about a joint custody. And also hope that Mark's broken heart will mend soon. It's so heart-warming to read of how you, two go to the grocery store together and with him clipping coupons for you. It looks like you have a very good relationship with your brother and with the rest of your family. Cheers!

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

I certainly hope your brother can resolve the situation concerning seeing his own son. It's great you two are so close and that he's such a help to you and a pleasure to have around! Hope everything works out well for him.

Lilly's Life said...

Wow Jules, another brother! I cant imagine what it must be like to be separated from your child and men in this situation do not get enough sympathy. Jacob is gorgeous and I love his name. It is great that you have the space to be able to help him out and it sounds like he is also helping you out too. We never know what is around the corner sometimes and I have my fingers crossed and will say a prayer that it all turns out for the best. And, I would sure like to have his metabolism. My brother is 6ft 2 and he always used to tell me he was thin because you cannot fatten a thoroughbred. I always used to tell him he would put on weight when he hit 40 but no, it never happened (unlike me he he). So there you go, your brother is a thoroughbred!! Lovely post Jules!!

Jules said...

Thank you too!

Tasha~ he is priceless. Love the help at the grocery! hehehe

Karen~ it's soooo sad. He called her yesterday and asked for Jacob for the weekend.. A BIG NO. Then he asked to speak to him... NOPE! My heart aches for that boy.

Lilly.... I have 6 of the wonderful brothers. God blessed us for sure!

Thank you all LOVELY LADIES! Mark deserves better. Hopefully with all your thoughts and prayers he will get a break!

redchair said...

I’m sure your brother is the best of house guest. The thing that is also obvious is how lucky Mark is to have a sister who loves him as much as you do- Jules.

VH said...

Here's hoping it all works out just fine. Life throws curve balls sometimes; You're a great sis to take him in. I applaud you.

Jules said...

Thanks Vikki and Vh!
Trust me, I'm on the winning end of this deal!

Anonymous said...

Well I can say I have never known anyone like Mark!! He has a heart the size if Texas and would do anything he could for others.

I think that woman is very evil for what she is putting Mark and Lil Jacob thru! I am praying for him often!!! He's one of a kind!