Friday, July 18, 2008


My goodness yesterday was a blur. I didn't get home Wednesday night until 10pm. *Had a late dinner at PF Changs with my galpal coworkers*
Stayed up until 11 catching up on my tivo of Nancy Grace! Then 2 minutes (it seems) after my head hit the pillow it was 4:30 am and time to get moving. Bobby and I had coffee and were watching the news. Mark beebops in at 5am to make his lunch with a cheerful " Good Morning YALL, and Have a GREAT DAY!". *BAM* he's out the door.

I made Bobbys lunch, hit the shower, posted a quick post on my Blog and was out the door by 7am. Got to work by 8:30 and was in training *roll playing, argh..* all day. Finished work at 7pm. Decided to skip dinner with the group. Got home at 8pm and Bobby was playing his game on the computer.

Jumped in my comfy clothes and headed out to do my 2 mile walk. Bobby told me Mark had gone to his quarters in the shop to shower and get ready for bed. I threw a few rocks at the metal shop walls to hopefully get his attention. He didn't appear so Willie, Elvis, and I continued on with our ritual (now for a month) evening walk.

After about 2 mins of walking, Willie stopped dead in his tracks turned and took off running behind me. I turned around to see the 6'8" gazelle running at full speed at me. Mark was in his walking clothes ready to join me for our evening walk. He told me he hates when I don't get home in the evening as usual for our dinner and walk.

What a joy it is to have a buddy to hang with on arduous tasks like EXERCISE! Bobby works out in the shop with weights. He's more of a loner when it comes to his exercise.

Again, Mark makes my day!



redchair said...

Hi Jules,
To show you how dumb I am, I thought for a moment, “Wow! Jules has gazelles also!” Then I thought for a moment and reread and realized you were talking about Mark.

Good for him. You shouldn’t be out walking by yourself especially at night. (At least you wouldn’t be in my neighborhood!)

Jules said...

Hidy Vikki,

When I go walking, it's just around our land. It is exactly one mile in circumference. Bobby mowed a strip next to the fence line that I walk. It's really quite nice.

If I run across in undesirable humans or animals, I always have Willie and Elvis with me!! heheheh

Thanks for dropping in on me!

SoccerMom said...

Hey Jules

it is always nice to have someone to walk with or exercise with and Mark sounds like the perfect walking mate! I tell you if I was not already married I'd be having you fix me up with him :o)
He cooks, cleans, looks after your safety, his soon to be ex is a fool for giving him away.

Jean9 said...

Hey Jules..Wow I admire that after the early mornings you still have the energy to walk! I hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you for dropping by and saying such kind comments to me. I really appreciate knowing you here.

Jules said...

Hey soccermom, thanks for the visit! And might I say you are 100% correct!! Mark is a catch. Maybe I should start him a blog to catch a bride?? Ha, NO WAIT!! Then I would lose my buddy! Never mind.

You are certianly welcome JEAN9! Well deserved award.

Lilly's Life said...

Wow Jules 0 you have LONG days. I am also impressed about your walking too. You are an inspiration. Do you get yp at 4.30am every working day then? And thats great you have a buddy to walk with - good time to unwind hey?

soccermom said...

Oh I had the flower all picked out for find a bridge page but I will just shred them because you can;t be with and since you just got him back for a bit you get to keep him and his precious little boy ll to you self!!