Saturday, May 24, 2008

Still peeking in my windows? teehee heee heee

Let's start with something REALLY drastic! A quick look in my pantry!
To be totally fair and honest, I didn't move a thing. Yes it is a mess but that's how it stays. Why sugar coat it?
This is a random donkey I saw driving to work yesterday. He just looked at me so curious that I had to stop and snap his photo!

After I left my friend the donkey I had to get a move on. I always try to maintain the speedlimit though! (wink)I don't know how well this will show up. Our bedroom has one of those sitting areas that ya never know exactly what to do with. I turned mine into a "Zen" room. I bought all the stuff to meditate but haven't got around to it yet. Hence the need for a "zen" room..

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am a junk-a-holic. I found the huge glass panels at an antique mall. There are 6 of them. They weigh about 60lbs. About 7 ft tall. I just thought they were beyond cool. They are solid wood and came out of an upscale resturaunt. I leaned 4 agains a wall in the bedroom and back lit them. Hubby said it makes it feel like we are in a loft in NYC. Cool. Our ceilings are 14ft so we needed some large structure!

This is the drilling rig hubby and bud bought to drill water wells. It is like the yugo of the drilling rigs. Too slow and too cheap! After we get our well done it goes up for sale. (yeah good luck on that one, they say a sucker is born every minute but I think that rig found it's last sucker)

This is an antique piece of farm equipment. The previous owner left it here because it was tangled up in a huge briar and he couldn't pull it out with his truck. We managed to dig it out later and finders keepers, I always say!



redchair said...

So I thought I’d fess up. I just stole your ‘donkey’ picture! He’s way to cute and may just become part of a new painting. I’ll let you know.

And by the way, those screens ARE- very- very expensive. I’ve seen them in L.A. You found a real treasure. Any way -have a nice LOOOng weekend.

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Hey girl! (Vikki)
Thanks for dropping in. Let me know if ya want me to take more pix of the donkey. He comes right up to the fence. A real charmer!
I am about to do my short tribute to my dad!
Thanks for the idea!


Aleta said...

I love the pictures of the antique farm equipment. There's something charming about it! And the glass panels are beautiful, isn't it funny how lighting makes a big difference?

I've wanted to create a zen feel to the house, but it takes a lot of redecorating to find that peaceful balance.

Matt said...

Very cool pictures, Jewels. I think it's funny that there is a single donkey right around the corner from my shop that I see every day. I always wonder why the owner doesn't get him a playmate (*wink wink*). Anyway, fun post, keep it up.

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Hi Aleta,
I agree about the antique farm equipment being charming. As for the Zen...ugh...I'm still working on it. Ha! Thanks for stopping in!

Matt~ Is the Wink wink for us to get the donkey or bring him a playmate? bah! I would be better off bringing him a goat because B says a donkey would probably hurt our dogs. :0(

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures J!! It takes a creative eye to capture interesting images. Good job!

Shellmo said...

I really liked that donkey photo - he's a good subject!

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Thankya Dj... I ordered a new camera for my BD present from honey B. Its another cheapy but heck it beats the blackberry!

Shelley! Thank you. I want to drop by and see him tomorrow. I will bring him some carrots if he comes to the fence again. He is a doll.