Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We all have a hint of voyeurism in us...

I mean nosey type not bad peeping Tom type!
I sat and sat trying to think of an interesting topic to write about.

Here's the deal! I don't want to do a bunch of research to speak about a topic!
I am lazy.So many of you are serious and contemplative.

So, I thought about the blogs I visit. You know, when you are Entrecard dropping and sometimes you stop for a quick look and other times you stay for a bit.

The times I stay are when there are funny topics, current events I didn't know about, and ESPECIALLY when someone has pictures.
I LOVE seeing what others look like. How they live. What their taste is in decor, clothes, etc.
So that was my inspiration for my blog. I whipped out my phone and ran around taking odd pix so you can get a glimpse into the life of the Nincompoop

I am not going to write descriptions, it's up to you to decipher.
Now these are blurry because I stink at taking pix and this IS a Blackberry!
Don't slam me!

Here goes...
If you decide to take up on the idea and do the same on your blog, please do leave your link so we can peek in your windows!



Matt said...

I absolutely love this idea, Jewels. I have often thought about what the people I talk to in other parts of the world look like, live like and WHAT they like. Taking pictures of their daily lives is a fantastic idea.

I think you should make this a regular item. Have someone take pictures of you at work, and you can take pictures of the different places you go for work and play, as well as your shop.

Did I say I love this idea? I hope others will pick up on it and you can get a whole connection thing going! Great job, Sis.

P.S. Having to think of the deep, contemplative blog topics is often a drain on my brain. lol

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Hey Matt~
Thanks so much...
I love to see people in daily lives. I am a people watcher. I'm trying to use my creative tendencies and you continue to use your intellect!!

Big HUG and lots o love....

Matt said...

Hey Jewels, you have to check out this site. Many pictures of this lady's farm (similar to yours, with goats even). The perfect place to start your picture link. You'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jewels. I am that lady from the other
I love your site too and I understand about the well going dry. Oh, we had a drought last year and still recovering from it.
I'll be back again.
Have a good weekend.

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Hey GA Farm Girl!

Ha! I guess you got to see the raving review my brother gave you!
If you don't mind I am listing your site on my favorites list!

Nice to have another Country Girl in the mix!!


Aleta said...

I like this post and might consider doing the same! I like the randomness to the pics and yet the general feel of the area as well.

I know what you mean about feeling like a voyer. After all, when I go walking at night and someone has their picture window fully open, you can't help but to look at see what type of decorating style they have. But never a stare, that would be impolite, just a glance to see what another person's world looks like.

Thanks for sharing yours!

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Hi Aleta,

Thanks for visiting!
I just left you a msg on your blog. You did great on the pix! Everyone who want's to view Aletas blog can click on her name by her comment and view her cool family pix!!


Anonymous said...

Well I love it and I'm hooked! I guess I will be doing the same thing soon.

Jules said...

Cool Christi... You have so many pix from vacations and such. Would be cool just doing one from various places you visited.