Friday, June 27, 2008

Check out my Guestbook! Thanks Y'all for signing my book! And Thank You Karen for giving me the link for the cool book!!!!



tashabud said...

I signed your book. Sorry the photo I sent is not a very good one. I was trying to change it, intead I mistakenly hit it to go. Oh, well. The photo was taken last year when my friend and I went on a vacation together in Colorado. She took the picture without my makeup on. Nothing was covering my blemishes. Hehehe.

Jules said...

You are beautiful! Matt and I were talking about how pretty you are the other day! & Yes God and Mom n Dad gave me green eyes. I'm glad I had something to make me look a tad different from my sibs. We all look so much a like!

Thank you for siging my book Tasha!