Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't eat ......Lamb?

We all know I am a huge animal lover. I was doing my regular Entrecard dropping and came across this photo. I saw those sad red rimmed eyes and almost cried. Why would anyone put a muzzle on a poor baby lamb? I hope it was just to take this deranged picture but somehow I doubt it.

Some people should just step away from owning animals. I, myself, do not "own" any animals. I share my life with several that are gracious enough to share their love with me.



Peggy said...

We don't do it with our goats but some people put the muzzles on when they are weaning the babies from their moms. Keeps them from sucking. If they took the baby away from the mom both of them would cry loudly. I know cause thats how we do it. We take the kids away from the doe during the day and put them back at night. It gets real noisy around here. LOL

Kathy said...

When I saw you had dogs and goats I had to stop by. We have 15? maybe goats. I lose count. Rat terrier and chihuahua that was a dog abandoned in the middle of a country field. Also we have a yellow lab, and many cows and a couple of bulls.

I have pix of everything but the cows, on my blog.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

That is a very sad photo, but I like Peggy's explanation.
Trying to think of any other reason someone would put a muzzle on a lamb makes me think of rabies. And lambs wouldn't bite, unless they were zombie lambs, right? So maybe they make muzzles not just for weaning, but also for rabid zombie lambs. =) Any other reason is unacceptable.

Pembrokeshire Directory said...

I thinks lambs should leaping around the fields and bleeping as much as they want.what the muzzle is for I have no idea will google it :)

Jean9 said...

Hey Jules! I hope your weekend is great...This lamb looks so very sad...I also hope the comments above are the reasons why...Thank you for stopping in and saying hello.

Lynne said...

I like the explanation from Peggy, and no, I don't eat veal, no way.

Jules said...

Hi girls!
I too like Peggy's explanation!
We actually let the mama ween the baby herself. We are too lazy to separate em and we also feel terrible to see them yammering at each other from across the fields.

It just looks to small to ween! We used to ween em at 3 to 5 mos (when we intervened).

Now mother nature must take her course!

Anonymous said...

What's the point of "man made weening anyway" Can't the mom's just decide when it's time? Don't the baby's figure it out on their own? I don't get it.

I wouldn't want to have to sit and listen to the crying either, but why seperate them?

Jules said...


Some mothers don't naturally ween their babes. I saw a cow that was at least 2 yrs old still on the teet.

With goats it will drag the mama down and she loses weight etc. We have had a few long time stragglers but the mamas milk eventually dried up, thank goodness.

You never felt so bad as when you separate the baby from the mama and hear their cries for each other. Bobby and I can't take it!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be able to take it either. So sad to listen to them crying like that. I guess it's what's best for them though.

Funny storey... One of my friends in school had her baby when we were about 15 or 16. She nursed that baby until she was like 3 or something. Brook would actually bite her! Brook was talking in full sentences and would just go tell her mom she was ready to eat! It thought that was too funny! (and a little wierd)