Monday, July 21, 2008

A face only a mother could love....and me

Scorpion fish

Image ID: expl0369, Voyage To Inner Space - Exploring the Seas With NOAA Collect
Location: South Atlantic Bight, Southeast United States
Photographer: Paula Keener-Chavis, NOAA
Credit: Islands in the Stream Expedition 2002. NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration

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I found it on a cool blog Logging The Cyber World

You can't help but feel sorry for this fish. He looks so sad.
I would like to have some in a pond. Then every time I feel like I look like @#$! I can look in my pond and say...oh could be worse!

hehehe Happy Monday.



Lilly's Life said...

You make me laugh!!!! It reminds me of someone I know !!

tashabud said...

I busted out laughing. You have a sick kind of humor. I needed that kind of laughter. Thanks. You made my day.

Jean9 said...

LOL Jules, you funny gal! I am wishing you a great week, I may or may not have access to a puter for the next 2 weeks...don't give up on me I shall be back!

Jules said...
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Jules said...

Me too Lilly!

Thanks Tasha, it gave me a chuckle too!

Jean...I hope all is well with you!
I will miss ya.....

Eric S. said...

Looking at that everyday would surely make a person feel blessed. Of course it could scare the bejeevas out of you also

Jules said...

Eric can you imagine going for a swim and looking down to see that face looking up at you?



He does look sad but maybe it is just his face. You are funny.

Mom8 said...

Yeah, like you'd go swimming anyway Jules!!!!
He looks like a bad burn victim. God must have had a bad fish dinner the day he created that one!

Jules said...

Hey Mom and Heidi,

I really do feel sorry for him.
(it can't be a girl and look like that!)