Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life on a Southern Farm: Blogging Friends

Life on a Southern Farm: Blogging Friends

Hey all! Pam over at Life on a Southern Farm has so sweetly awarded us with this awesome blog award.

Please do yourself a favor and visit her blog. She is amazing. she is a wife,daughter, mother, gardener, awesome cook, farmer, builder, animal guardian and great friend. (I honestly don't think she's real. In order to get all that she gets done in one day she would need 5 doubles)...

Thank you Pam!!



Lilly's Life said...

Congratulations Jules. Well deserved! And I love the new look blog too! Beautiful photo!

Jules said...

Thanx Lilly.

I've been so busy the past few days. I've missed our chats!

Wish I were indepently wealthy so I could quit working at least ONE of my jobs! bahahahahah

redchair said...

Congratulation Jules. You definitely have an Awesome Blog.
I really like the new blog styling also. Very classy.

mahendra said...

blog surfing and finding very nice blog here, its nice staying here while read your topic !

The Mind of a Mom (formally SoccerMom) said...


I love the new banner! Especially the puppy running on the top that was way cute!

tashabud said...

Congratulations, Jules. Your blog going through different changes all the time. Do you do the same thing in your home? You have so much energy. Have a great weekend.

Jules said...

Vikki, Thank you so much! Very sweet..

Mahendra..thank you for visiting! Please do come back by. I will drop in on you as well!!

in the mind~ Thanks girl. I was so happy to find the german shepherd since my "willie" is one!

Tasha~ you are always such a darling. I don't have a ton of energy, just comes in spurts! I don't change my house as often but I do rearrange displays at our shop all the time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jules. Some days I don't feel
I really like the new banner picture too.
Good job on your site.
Have a great weekend.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Congratulations on your award!

I love your new blog design!

Jules said...


redchair said...

Hi Ms. Jules,
I know your swamped with prep for the season right now. I just wanted to tell you I gave you a mention at the bottom of my post this week.

Jean9 said...

Hi Jules, congrats on your award! Just popping in to say hello and I hope all is well with you. Seems you are taking a break from blogging as well? I have not been on much, I figured its catch up time around home.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Hey! Just wanted to stop in and say hi. You deserve that award! Congratulations.

tashabud said...

Hi Jules,
I know that you don't blog anymore, but how are you doing these days?