Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quirks... take a peek!

I was just visiting some of my daily blogs and saw that Tashas Take had a post about Unspectacular Quirks. It's really a meme but I found it very interesting because I just left Meltwater Torrents Meanderins Delta and he had the same thing. Neither one did the meme thing of tagging people (thank goodness) but listed them out.

When I read the comments I saw my good friend Lilly had listed some of hers. Now reading someones quirks is like passing a train wreck, ya gotta look! We are just curious people and love peeking in on how others live their lives!

SO! With that being are some of mine (in no particular order of importance)....bahahahaha

A.) I am a beyond huge procrastinator. I actually ordered a CD on how to over come procrastination and never have gotten around to listening to it.

B.) I'm so afraid of being somewhere early and having to waste time waiting, I am late 99% of the time. I mean when I am walking out the door to an appointment I will see a spot on a counter and drop my things and go wiped down the counter tops. (Hell NO I am not a neat freak) I love a clean house but that leads to quirk C.

C.) I have a maid come every other week to clean. We do all the dishes and with no kids (cept my doggies) the house remains pretty picked up. We need help with laundry and floors and dusting. In between maid visits when I get in a rut (more often than not) I will pile the towels and hubbys socks and drawers on the couch and we just grab and go. Hey don't judge! It's in the fancy living room nobody uses any dang way!

D.) I can not use drawers or file cabinets. I am one of those people that if I can't see it, it must be done. Even when I write down my phone messages...after I write them down... POOF...they are out of my mind. Arghghghghghg...not fun when it comes to work.

E.) I LOVE old books. I don't read as many as I buy. I don't buy a ton but when I go to an antique store and find old books I love the smell and the feel of them. I just want to own em. I have one on my coffee table. I bought it in California when Mom and I visited Yosemite. This cool guy and a junk place that we just couldn't pass up. It is dated in the 1800's. The covers are linen covered but thread bare. It tells women how to run a house hold. It even says that when the man gets home from a tough day at the office, you shouldn't burden him with the details of your day and just have a cocktail ready for him and let him unwind. Of course you are to be dressed to the nines. I'm surprised it didn't say and invite your good looking neighbor over for a threesome! (sorry folks, I have a twisted since of humor). But you see where it is going? Definitely written by a man....

F.) When I drink coffee or tea (if I don't have a straw for the tea) I press my top lip down over my teeth so the dark liquid won't stain my teeth. Yep, I look dumb i spose.

G.) I love boxes! Containers for everything. Like your junk drawer in the kitchen.. I have little dividers in it where all my junk is separated and has it's own little apartment! hahaha Seriously... I can't pass up a chance to buy something to put stuff in. Another good example is at an antique store I found an old wooden silverware holder that has the handle on top and divided down the middle. (about the size of a small shoe box) I use it to put my make up in. I love it. I bought a really old dough bowl that I put on the folding table in the laundry room for hubby to put his keys and the contents of his pockets in. I just love having assigned seating for all my crap!

H.) I love to teach my dogs to talk and do tricks. They seem to have fun and I love watching them try soooo hard to please... They always get treats!

I.) I can no longer watch stories on Animal Planet about the abuse animals get. I will force myself sometimes because I hope it will propel me to action to actually do something about it. I watched a rescue story about the mistreated elephants from zoos and such and cried the entire time. Then I watched a documentary on Polar bears losing their food sources and male bears killing the cubs to eat and cried and cried. I can't even watch the lions take down a water buffalo knowing it's perfectly natural. I feel so much pain watching an animal hunted and killed or captured and beaten. I am crying now just writing this. I am such a sap!

Ok, there are many many more but going back to being late. I am!

Huggs all!



Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Wow, you sure have a LOT of quirks! They were fun to read. I especially laughed at the one about buying the book to get over procrastination and then not reading it.

By the way, I love your new big photo header on your blog--it's so pretty and interesting. But then, I am an animal lover.

tashabud said...

Thanks for doing this also. I'm so glad that I'm in good company when it comes to being late. I feel the same way as you do about appointments. I hate getting to places and end up waiting. I'd rather get there and be served immediately or get into work right away.

I'm with Karen, I thought you buying a CD on overcoming procrastination and still procrastinating in watching it is so hilarious. LOL.

Letter F) is very funny, too. I'm giggling and trying to visualize this. So, so funny, like you said, eh?

Jules, I think you're in denial. From what I can gather from this post, you're a neat-freak. I used to be that way, but my bogging has taken over, to the point that I see the mess and not feel ill about it anymore.

BTW, I love your new blogger and entrecard avatars. Is the picture in your blogger avatar you? And, oh, your new banner is so inviting. Those goats look so lovable. Home, home on the range.
Have a great day.

Jules said...

Hey Karen...I love the look your your blog too. Thanks for the nice compliment!! Nice make over eh?
Yep I have a ton of Quirks. There were more but didn't get around to listing them. bah

Thanks Tasha! I am a neat freak only if someone else does most of the work. Who wouldn't want to live in a nice organized clean house? I just don't want to spend my life doing all the cleaning...some is ok! hehehehe

Tash said...

Oh can so so relate to procrastinating... see...


1. Toilet paper rolls must undoubtedly be hung over not under. I have been known to change them at friends' houses.

2. Can't stand the smell of orange marmalade being made. My mum used to make it. Have to leave the house. Love marmalade though...

3. I sometimes spread peanut butter on my bananas ???

Had enough? Tons of them... might steal your idea and do a quirks entry..

Have to agree with tasha though - seems you are a neat freak in denial. Amazed that you have container for everything but laundry on the couch :)

Lilly LillysLife said...

How strange, I just went googling for something and found your blog. Oh my, was it that long ago we were all blogging. You probably cannot even get these comments any more but I just wanted to say G'day from Australia and I hope you and your family are ok. Do you remember Vikki from the Red Chair blog? I jsut visited her blog the other day and was shocked to learn that she died in January, clealry very suddenly.