Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things I love.... (besides my awesome family and friends)

1. I love rainy days. The smell of rain, the clean air afterwards, sleeping during a thunder storm.

2. Brand new puppy breath! Puppys are something I can't resist. I could hold them endlessly. I think I need to start a shelter!

3. Sitting reading a good book on a cool fall day. Something simmering on the stove, my comfy clothes, and my dog at my feet. Fall is a great season.

4. A hot towel fresh from the dryer. Nothing better than getting out of the shower to a nice warm soft towel!

5. Getting a hand written letter in the mail. Something about the old days that makes me wish we didn't have the convenience of email.

6. The ocean. I love the ocean. I want to live by it some day. It scares me and intrigues me all at the same time. It's like having the universe to explore right here on planet earth. It's a whole world of it's own.

7. First light of day. Being able to experience the birth of a new day. Sitting peacefully watching the sun come up.

8. Finding old antique stores in small country towns. I love visiting with the shop keepers about their treasures.

9. Old people. I love old people. They are so willing to share their stories. Fascinating to hear how Grandma B's mama dyed her carpets with a sponge and food coloring. They valued every dime. There is much to be learned from our grand parents if we just listen.

10. My grandma Tourvilles basement. She did laundry down there and it had a musty and fresh smell combination. I loved Grandma. She was remarkable. (She gets to be on the list since she is not with us along with my Daddy and brother) They all could take up this entire page!



Anonymous said...

It's so nice when we can enjoy and remember all these non-commercial and non-material things.

I love a lot of the same things.

I also love reading the paper early in the morning before I start my day. I don't enjoy the news on the TV because it's usually all bad news and so repetative. At least in the paper I can skip over the bad parts. :)

And I love researching my family's genealogy and finding interesting things about ancestors and finding new "cousins".

Matt said...

A.N. - I LOVE this list. I would put every one of them on my list also. Thanks for putting some really nice thoughts in my head and pushing out some of the clutter.

Jena Isle said...

Excellent list. These are the things, I love too, simple things than mean a lot. Thanks for posting.

Erica said...

I love hot towels from the dryer. I even put my clothes in it before I get dressed so they're nice and toasty, too!

Arduous Nincompoop said...

Hey Jena! Thank you for dropping in. Simple is good ~ for sure.

Erica~ the dryer is my iron! bah
I love warm clothes. I hate to iron. so....(my mom is dying right now...laundry is her life) hehehehehe

winlotto said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.

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