Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things that annoy me...

1. Close talkers.
2. Close talkers with bad breath.
3. Always chosing the slow lane, bank, toll booth, traffic jam, grocery store....
4. Slow drivers in the left lane. ( hellooooo, use the access road for Petes sake)
5. Dogs tied to a tree all day long. (thats just cruel)
6. Telemarketers calling after 6pm ( i know their job sux but please!)
7. The tags that rub my neck (why can't everyone print on fabric-that's the best)
8. Brown noser's. Suck ups. Teachers pet..
9. People going barefoot in a grocery store. (geeze people get some flip flops)
10.People talking to me in a movie (or not to me but talking period)
11.Getting a zillion spam emails per day.
12.Getting a zillion spam snail mails a day.
13.Humid weather
14.Windy weather
15.New money (I like the old dough)
16.Paying more for water per oz than milk
17.The email that asks for my bank account info to deposit my lost aunts millions
18.The restaurants that loudly stop every conversation to sing Happy Birthday
19.Wait staff that interrupt to ask if you want more water.
20.Police driving unmarked cars. (how am i suppose to know if its a real cop)



Anonymous said...

Welcome back Nincompoop! Glad to see you're back. Can't wait to read what you have next!

tazdog said...

Those are pretty good..


sindhu said...
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